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Unlock H2 infrastructures potential  

Reliable. Secured. Efficient.
Hyxos delivers an industry-specific digital platform to operate safely your hydrogen assets at the best possible cost.

Hydrogen is a versatile energy carrier that can drive the next phase of our energy transition. Hydrogen produced from electrolysis, and more specifically from renewable resources, offers a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels and will play a critical role in the coming years.

The hydrogen promise translates into a profound overhaul of our energy systems and the deployment of reliable and competitive H2 infrastructures throughout the value chain, from hydrogen production to its end-use applications (mobility, industry, etc.)

However, there are numerous challenges to address. These notably include

  1. designing complex projects with energy flows across sectors (electricity and gas),

  2. simulating hydrogen flows within the entire infrastructure chain,

  3. operating in real-time to optimize infrastructure for operational and economic efficiency, and ensuring uninterrupted delivery of hydrogen to off-takers.

We firmly believe that hydrogen industry players must rely on new technologies to address these challenges and think about the future energy system by incorporating data management from the outset.

Image by American Public Power Association

Hyxos, Empowering the Hydrogen Industry!

At Hyxos, we've developed a turnkey software platform with the aim of providing a data backbone to hydrogen players. Our platform offers three dedicated applications for infrastructure sizing, hydrogen flow simulation in assets, and real-time operational management. In addition, we allow our clients the flexibility to integrate with our platform and build their own applications, while leveraging a secure and resilient data management platform.




Hyxos Platform

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