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Hydrogen assets to the next level

Combining an expertise across tech and energy market, Hyxos offers a unique turnkey software platform to support your hydrogen project all across the value chain and the project lifetime from early phase design to real time operations.

Image by Ryan Searle

Optimal sizing for off-grid solar + storage and electrolyzer 

We run flow-based optimization to size infrastructures achieving the most competitive cost of hydrogen and minimizing the H2 carbon intensity. Our flexible solution based on advanced graph theory takes into account the economical, physical and technical constraints of the projects at sub-hourly time granularity.

Simulating hydrogen flow across refueling station including electrolyzer, compressor, tanks and dispenser

Our modular simulation product  models and simulates the functioning of hydrogen refueling stations. It assesses the hydrogen's physical characteristics (pressure, temperature, density) with minute-granularity. 

It predicts hydrogen behavior and delivery volume, enabling  production-to-distribution process optimization.

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Image by Mohammad Mardani

Providing ancillary services to power grid with electrolyzer

Unlock new revenue streams with our intelligent local controllers, which provide grid-balancing services by adjusting electrolyzer input based on the grid's real-time frequency. It empowers hydrogen producers to optimize their operations and generate additional profits.

Providing end-to-end H2 refueling station management 

We provide an all-in-one solution for hydrogen fuel stations, which includes a customer identification system for refueling and a dedicated app for booking refueling slots. This enables station managers to efficiently bill their users, enhance their refueling experience, and ensure continuous service with a clear overview of their hydrogen molecule stock management.

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Tracking green hydrogen production

Hyxos Operations allows you to track the production of green hydrogen in real time, by collecting production data from upstream electrical assets, as well as the carbon intensity of the electricity market. We determine the carbon intensity of the hydrogen produced and generate the necessary reports to certify it as green hydrogen. This allows infrastructure operators to maximize the value of their hydrogen with the appropriate certificates.

Operating hydrogen infrastructures with off-the-shelf features

Hyxos Operations offers a unique platform for real-time remote operations of multi-site hydrogen assets. Our platform provides all the necessary features for managing these innovative energy infrastructures, including digital twin and SCADA management layers. Our centralized platform collects all on-site and external data needed for operation, enabling us to apply business processes and optimization deliver to simplify the lives of operators, define asset planning and dispatch them. 

With Hyxos Operations, operators can reduce operational costs, safely operate their assets, ensure service continuity for their clients, and deliver the most competitive hydrogen on the market.

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