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Hyxos Operations

Take your operations to the next level with Hyxos Operations through the creation of digital twins,  real time monitoring, optimization and control. Unlock the power of data-driven reporting and gain invaluable insights to drive your business forward.

What we deliver

Digital Twin & SCADA

  • Create your Digital Twins with flexible schemas

  • Rely on SCADA services with industrial protocol integration, real time data collection, interactive user interface and customizable alerting system 


  • Optimize your hydrogen infrastructure to define their delivery planning based on a variety of constraints (economical, physical delivery, environmental)

  • Adjust in real time pre-defined planning based on unexpected events

  • Ensure continuity of service by managing peak demand relying on smart hydrogen provisioning

Monitoring & Control

  • Monitor your hydrogen asset with configurable dashboards and KPIs

  • Leverage data insights to spot under performing assets

  • Schedule your asset operations and control them remotely  

  • Deploy local logic to take over asset control addressing innovative use cases (Ancillary Services, PoS)

Flow Management

  • Monitor your CO2 intensity on a granular basis and certificate  carbon free hydrogen

  • Capture hydrogen consumption planning through dedicated apps available for your offtakers  

  • Avoid service interruption caused by hydrogen shortage and guarantee service continuity

  • Simulate expected hydrogen flow, detect anomalies, and get alerted to operate safely  

Data Management

  • Collect a large volume of time series data from many sources (sensors, assets, APIs, third party apps)

  • Store data in a time series oriented database

  • Build a robust data lake accessible for third parties to build on top applications  


  • Streamline your maintenance management to stay on top of your asset performance 

  • Generate reports providing valuable insights on aseet performance

  • Define key performance indicators to track infrastructure

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